Thursday, August 9, 2007

So, my intention with this blog was to keep filling it up with Flash music players until it explodes, but I haven't gotten anywhere close to an explosion yet. Tell me about your favorite Web music players in the comments, or in my blog post on CNET



Salakosunday said...

this is a great resource. i love it. plase keep it up! salako sunday, Lagos

Bosco said...

also check out the players at spotdj -

they're customizable, and include everything from a boombox and cassette to funky designs like a robot and cupcake

CertainInsanity said...

hey, This site is awesome, it helped me out with finding a flash player of my own..... Thanks so much,...I picked the My flashsetish....anyway thanks again...:)

Rael said...

hmm. how to make something overheat and explode via the net?
Nyway, if you want ideas on
mp3 archiving and sharing (forget zshare!!), check out i got my bossa nova and indie rock fix from there!
Two candidates for 2nd best mp3 player?

love, sara said...

your blog is really helpful, thanks a bunch. One question though.. how did you embedded the google map in? That was really cool!


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